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This weekend was a bit of a mess.  My life oftentimes tends to resemble a country song.  But Saturday, I met a country legend.

Well my car was towed

And I needed to get the registration up to date

AAA said they couldn’t do it

Since the Dmv said it was too late

We picked up the car from my friends place

$250 later we were on our way

To Wackos for trinkets of awesome

And some noms for the day

But then it happened.  What normally is a relatively empty restaurant, except for a few other people at the bar & this table.  I recognized her immediately and told my friend Hugh.  I started texting telling some friends that I was too chicken to approach her.  Well, part chicken, and part super respectful given that she was at dinner with her friends.  As soon as she started talking, we both knew it was indeed her.

Hugh texted a couple of friends as well.  His friend Rachel, was a huge fan and came down with her boyfriend.  At this point, the restaurant was starting to fill up a bit more.  We ate and chatted.  Rachel had already met an icon I’m envious about (Tom Waits). Rachel went by the table and passed Dolly a note.  Dolly smiled and waved at her across the tables.  But nearing the end of her meal neither of us still hadn’t gone up to her.

I sucked it up and went up.  I apologized for interrupting.  I told her that I had noticed her when I’d gotten there and that we had texted a friend because she is a huge fan.

Dolly was just as her name states: an absolute living doll.  She said that she thought I’d looked very cute and was happy to oblige our party in photo ops.  The whole restaurant looked up at us.  A few of the waiters got pictures with her afterwards.  People stared in awe.  We were all having dinner in the presence of a true legend- who, looks amazing for her age.

And for those who are wondering… Yes, her boobs really are that big.