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The clock tower races as I rush to get this posted before the Clock Tower strikes.  My flux capacitor is broken so I can’t fully relive the day.

Five years from what seemed like it was an eternity away… the future to one average guy and one insane doctor who mysteriously cross paths…

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the revered Back to the Future.

It would be one that changed the course of movies.  Of opening their eyes to a generation wide open to science and pop culture.  Was it foreshadowing or just plain coincidence?

The first in the series would spark something in America.  It made us remember the 50s.  It made us appreciate the present.

You were able to make connections to characters previously not encountered and touched on the taboo.  How often would you be able to help your dad get the girl and also… have to avoid potentially sleeping with your own mother.

Did you know that there wasn’t originally supposed to be more than one of the series?  It did so well that they ended up rushing along the following two.  Many would love the second more than the first.  However each story melded together to have the viewer take away quite a bit more.

And while there does seem to be a surge in things going to 3d, I don’t know if we are to the point where one will come out of a billboard to bite our heads off.

In the days of my childhood I always hoped that someday soon I’d get my own set of shoes with power laces, a jacket that would dry itself, and- you guessed it: the infamous hoverboard.

I saw a post on a friend’s blog regarding a hoverboard being invented that did not work on water either.

Twenty five years ago these things seemed light years away.  Now, with the constant steps we are making in technology, who knows.

Cafe 80’s doesn’t seem too far off.

No, you must have the special!

As it stands, the fashion is coming back anyway.  I imagine a new version of the diner would be a bit of a hipster’s dream.  Ordering from a dinner with Michael Jackson would be pretty rad in my book.  And the old Western shoot em up- Wild Gunman and Pac Man standups?  Sign me up for those too.  I’ll even take the label that goes with it for a day.

Dear Silverlake, let’s make this happen.  I’m sure one of my friends would even be the grenade and dodge sleeping with my mother in order for this to happen if need be.  Now only if I could find what I need to get that flux capacitor fixed.

And for the love of God someone please invent the floating cars.  If only just to avoid the 405.