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Today marks the one year anniversary of the late great Prince of Pop.  You may remember him from such incidents as  “No Michael didn’t molest me!” and other such Thrilling headlines.

What the pop icon stood for was everything that is superficial (but wrong) with Hollywood today.  He was the precursor to Marilyn Manson.  He’d claimed the shock jock title before Howard Stern started even getting press.

It started slowly.  The one glove and jock grab.  Maybe we should have seen it sooner.

The monkey. The nose.  The huge ranch devoted to childhood…

Modern technology only further showed how much of a disaster ones public life really could be.  Perhaps Britney learned a thing or two from him.

Last year I was living in Los Angeles.  I remember the reports.  I remember the circus that surrounded his death.  It was so ridiculous, I wrote a post about it on my other blog in a moment of frustration with my beloved city.

Where was I when all of the commotion was going on?  That night, I was at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Now before you start, let me tell you that me being there had absolutely nothing to do with MJ.  I was there for a movie screening.  (This is a very wonderful event that happens in Los Angeles during the summer due to a nonprofit organization called Cinespia.) However, this is where the most superficially iconic moments to date of my tenure in Los Angeles occurred.

Before the screenings, there is a dj playing music as a crowd of bohemians, artists, and a myriad of color sits in the grass awaiting the vintage movie to be played on a projected screen on a building in the cemetery.  The dj, to no surprise, played MJ’s Thriller.  At which point everyone in the cemetary stood up and danced.  It was surreal.

For a man who’s life of colorful chaos shaped a generation…

Rest in peace finally sir.  Here’s to the peace this world couldn’t give you.


Growing up in small town middle America suburbia far away from the hubub of the city of dreams I had a desire to get as far away as possible.  Back then I would turn the pages of comic books and listen to rockabilly music dreaming dreaming dreaming of my chance to get to Oz.

Now?  Not much has changed except the backdrop.

Welcome to Los Angeles: the jungle of superficial icons.

I guess some things are embedded into you.

I still can be seen toting around comic books throughout the city.  A few comic crusaders make my everyday existence of struggling to make it in this galaxy far far away from home.

My introduction to comic books is tremendously attributed to one of the real life superheroes of my childhood: my dad.  His desire to escape from the skyscraper and cube of his nine to five corporate existence emblazoned a passion within me.  On many a Wednesday (much to my mother’s chagrin)  I could be seen in pigtails with missing teeth rested upon my Daddy’s shoulder’s as he showed me the magic within the pages.

As I grew up, the comic world further and further enveloped me.  It pushed me closer to my father, and at the same time… further away.  My dad views superhero comic books as the only form of comics acceptable.  My tastes, as you will see vary from the mainstream superheroes to the often forgotten stories of the indie world.

I invite you to join me as we embrace all that is superficially iconic in the world of entertainment… while giving some much needed love and focus to indie titles as well.

Superficially Iconic: a site for comic book intellectuals… and everyone else too.