It’s been awhile…

Posted: August 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

Oh there are so many days when I think about this but yet I never make time to write on here. I think the days that I start to revisit that are upon us.

There have been some fun things happening over the years I’ve been absent.

Some highlights include:

  • Started working for a company that has blown up considerably in the past 3 years that is geek focused
  • Several moves across the city of Los Angeles
  • A thought about moving back to the place I was birthed (but no longer call home)
  • More than just a few boyfriends (one who was nicknamed the Joker for not fun reasons)
  • Had a baby (not named after a comic book but named after a rock song)

And… a bit of comic reading that sadly I didn’t write about.

So perhaps it’s time that started happening again. It has been awhile. Stay tuned for some tales of comic and geekery as I once wrote about a ton more but sadly not on this blog.

Cheers and all good things.

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